Disposable Gloves

Fine Touch Disposables supplies powder free nitrile, latex and vinyl disposable gloves. Latex gloves are also available with low powder. These gloves are manufactured in factories that are regularly audited to  ISO 13485, the international standard for the production of medical devices and tested to the European standard EN455, that regulates single use medical gloves. They also conform to Commission Regulation EU 10/2011 for plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

Fine Touch also supplies blue PE (polyethylene) gloves. These are blue, light weight with an embossed surface and best suited for food handling only.

On the job glove barrier performance depends on the glove material and the task. Some considerations to think about when selecting the best disposable glove for a particular work environment are barrier protection, allergens, strength, durability elasticity, fit, comfort and resistance to punctures and chemicals.

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