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Selecting A Surgical Face Mask


The most important criteria to consider when selecting a surgical face mask are the filtration efficiency, fluid resistance and breathability of the mask. These criteria must provide protection based on the level of risk that the wearer may be exposed to ...

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How To Choose A Disposable Shoecover


Choosing a shoecover made from the most suitable material for a work place depends on the slip resistance and durability of the material and, if they are to be worn in a wet environment, how much moisture they will absorb ...

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Buyers Guide To Disposable Latex Gloves


Many people use disposable gloves every day. They use them as desired, then discard them without ever taking the time to think about what they are made of? Or which type of glove should be used for what situation? Are some gloves safe for food yet not appropriate for medical use? What are the actual differences between nitrile gloves, latex gloves or vinyl gloves ...

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The Right Nutrition: Counter Frailty And Improve Your Bottom Line


Food provision in residential aged care homes and all the services around it are too often seen as costs to the system that are best reduced, when it fact the opposite can be true...

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Online Tool Helps Businesses Understand Regulations Of The New Food Act 2014


Food Safety Minister, Jo Goodhew, has recently launched an online tool that will help businesses discover how they will be affected by the new Food Act 2014, which comes into force 1st March 2016 ...


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Will the pay equity case rocking the aged care sector be resolved any time soon?


The Employment Court hearing for the Kristine Bartlett pay equity case has been set for late November ... 

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Fears New Food Regulations Could End Crèche Food


The new Food Act, which comes into force on March 1st 2016, will require all early childhood centres that prepare food for children to have a food control plan and pay for an annual inspection ...

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Waikato DHB Cuts Sugar From The Drinks Menu


Sweets have been banned from hospital vending machines since 2014, but now the Waikato DHB will not sell any beverages that are sugar sweetened...


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How Does The Food Act 2014 Affect The Residential Aged Care Sector


The Food Act 2014 will finally become operational on the 1st March 2016 ...


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